Billing flow.

Building a flow, from choosing a plan, to checkout.

User experience

User interface



Business development

SaaS company.

As a SaaS company, we require an adaptable billing process that includes multiple pricing plans (Discovery, Standard, Plus). The process must be user-friendly, incorporate our design system, and adhere to UX rules.

User experience research.

To begin, the needs of the billing process should be clearly defined and aligned with the sales team to determine the appropriate pricing plans, payment methods, prices, and required account creation prior to checkout. Once established, various user scenarios and flows can be defined, followed by the creation of wireframes.

Mocking up on Figma and prototyping.

Then let's shape this project and design a user-friendly interface that integrates our design system.
To facilitate the development process for this complex project, it is beneficial to create a prototype with multiple user flows.

Review sessions and end to end testing.

After handing over the project to the developers and conducting feedback sessions, end-to-end tests with users should be performed. Any necessary changes based on the feedback should be made accordingly.


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