Landing pages.

Building landing pages to effectively promote a product and share its values.

User interface


Content writing

Wireframing and content writing.

We collaborate with the business development and communications teams to align on the project brief. This involves defining the content, brainstorming potential features, and exchanging ideas.

Wireframe provided by a colleague of mine.

Mocking up on Figma.

Name your layers. Make it responsive. Hand over to developers. Plan some feedback sessions.

Dive in the code.

If necessary, I am capable of completing the frontend development myself using Visual Studio Code. Additionally, I am proficient in using git to push my work and make releases on Github.

What's next?

I am currently working on an "about us" section for our company. This section will contain multiple pages that will showcase our story, introduce our team, communicate our values, and display our available job openings.


Thank you for reading

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