Network tenant creation.

Help the user create his tenant step by step.

User experience

User interface





Subscribing and running a network server.

When subscribing to a plan in our company, it is necessary to create a tenant for your network. This is a feature that requires some UX research and some UI exploration.

User experience.

Wireframing using Balsamiq and conduct UX research to define the optimal user experience for this particular use case, using the wizard pattern.

User interface.

Create mockups in Figma, using the design system. Create a desktop and mobile version. For complex use cases, I also create prototypes to further enhance the user experience. I then hand over the project to developers and organize feedback sessions for refinement.

Release the feature.

We first release our features on a preview server to conduct user testing. Once the team is satisfied with the results, we proceed to release the features online.


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